Saturday, March 17, 2012


I sometimes feel that bringing up even the word holsters can open a can of worms!

Everyone has their favorite type and brand.  Which is great because it gives us all options, but can be confusing and expensive when you try and find the "one" for you!

I have a total of three holsters.  The paddle one that came with my gun, my Remora, and one from Old Faithful Holsters.

I will admit that I have been relying on my remora and have not "broken in" my old faithful.  I need to since I am going to my first training course in May and then another in September.  Both of those courses will need me to have a holster that is securely attached to my belt.  I also need to look into some extra mag holders.

Now back to how I started this husband is a die-hard Galco fan and wants me to order one from there.  I am no opposed to a new holster, but I am trying to explain to him that I would like a chance to break in my other one before I spend money on a Galco that could very well go towards more ammo or extra magazines.

What are your thoughts on holsters?  I welcome any and all comments and suggestions!


  1. You're right - asking about holsters is opening a can of worms. I love my Galco side snap scabbard, but I don't even know if they make those anymore. I also have a paddle hoster (I can't remember the brand) that I picked up for about $20 that I use most of the time. My husband's Safariland rocks, because I love where it rides on my hip, but I hate the retention strap on it.

    When I was working at the gun shop, I was often late for work because I couldn't decide which holster I wanted to wear that day. Sometimes having too many is a big ole pain in the butt. I do much better now that I only have two to choose from: the Galco or the paddle.

    Having said that - you should put as much thought into your holster as you did your gun. Most people have multiples, so why don't you see if you can borrow some to try out before you buy any more?

  2. I just ordered my first holster. There were just TOO MANY to choose from. Although all the amazing gun blogs (spec. for women) have done a lot in helping me figure out what I want/need! I finally settled on a Blade Tech. I should have it a few weeks. I CANT WAIT.

  3. One point to consider is the type of training you will be doing. For example, most NRA classes require little movement, odd shooting positions, jumping, physical contact with other students - so weapon retention is not a big issue.

    However, some classes require dropping to the ground, assuming odd positions, physcal engagement with another student (these are typically done with blue or red guns). In these cases you will want to pay attention to the retention capability of your holster.

    Bottom line - holsters are alot like socks for me - I always need another pair!

    Enjoy your training - and your new holster, whatever it may be!

  4. Actually I am not so much a Galco fan as I simply like the one I use for my 19 & 23 (ok - I like it a lot). Might I humbly suggest you wear your "Old Faithful" for a week and then wear my Galco w/ the 19 in it for a week. Your XDM is comparable in size and shape to the 19 - so you get the benefit of trying the Galco without buying one for your gun as an experiment.