Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holster Review -- Remora

I read about this holster on That Texas Lady's blog.  It was a very informative review that had me considering a purchase from Remora.  Before I could make an order, I found out that my wonderful DH had already ordered me one after reading her review!

So here it is (and the gun that it is for):

It is a reinforced opening style and fits my Springfield XDm 9mm compact nicely.  (DH also likes the fact that it is the same size that would fit his Glock 19, in case I did not like it!)

When I first started using this holster, I wore an undershirt between my skin and my waistband.  This was a mistake on my part.  I could not get the holster to stay in place unless I fastened my belt really tight, which kind of defeated the purpose of this type of holster.  I was starting to get disheartened!

Then I decided to use it without the undershirt..... ding ding ding... that worked.  I love this holster and it is the one I use about 99% of the time now.

Simple, durable and versatile!  Now.... I plan to save up and get some of the magazine holsters!

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